Imagine living and working in one of the most beautiful places on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. Bordered on one side by the Chone River and on the other by the Pacific Ocean lies Bahia de Caraquez. Hostel Coco Bongo has been in the heart of these beautiful venues since Jan 2005. One block off the Chone River and across the street from the most beautiful park in the city, Coco Bongo has become the hot spot for expats and locals alike. Boasting its restaurant and seven freshly renovated private efficiency rooms (complete with kitchens) as well as a fourteen-bed dormitory for budget-minded travelers, Coco Bongo has been recognized as one of the ten best hostels in Ecuador. On top of all of this, the property includes an enormous third-floor apartment that can be the home of the owner or rented separately.


Hostel Coco Bongo is available as a stand-alone property, or, can be acquired together with a separate apartment building located only a block from the new shopping mall in Bahia.


CoCo Bongo was established in January of 2005. It's the most well-known hostels on the coast of Ecuador and is in Culture Trips Top 10 Coolest Hostels in Ecuador. It's in all the guide books and travel sites. 


I would be more than happy to talk about the finances & numbers over the phone when you have some time.  


In the meantime here is some info and links below.




CoCo Bongo i believe has the most followers on Instagram in Bahia. We actually get some bookings off Instagram.

Facebook is also really good as well and we get some booking off of facebook as well.


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  • rating 8.6 This site sends the most clients.


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Our clients:

  • Expats - Exploring Ecuador looking to retire here or already living here, we have a competitive trivia on Thursday nights. 

  • Ecuadorians from Quito. 5 ½ hour drive. A lot of the condo building here is filled with expats and Ecuadorians from Quito. If they own a condo they come in for a nice cold beer and food. We have a great regular clientele from Quito. 

  • Ecuadorian from Guayaquil, There are some really nice beaches for people from Guayaquil to stay at that are closer, but we are starting to see them coming to Bahia. Guayaquil is a 3 ½ hour drive.

  • NGOs - We have a lot of non-profits in town doing reforestation, nursing, and eco-building. These groups frequent the cafe and use the accommodations of CoCo Bongo and Bridge View Apartments. 

The price of the hostel is $795,999 or Make An OFFER...


7 beautifully laid out private rooms with baths and small kitchens - these rooms are all different sizes and a couple is big enough for a family. In Ecuador, families travel together so a couple rooms sleep 6-8 people and we have a 14-bed dorm(6 of the beds are in private rooms in the dorm, perfect for volunteers). Has a great cafe/restaurant/bar and the penthouse is where the owner can live, it's pretty big with 2 bedroom/2 baths.

A little bit about Bahia, the best weather in the world, I think. it's a peninsula and the ocean breeze blow right across it. There was a pretty big earthquake 1 1/2 years ago and Bahia was beautiful before, but the government has decided to really make Bahia incredible, they are putting all the utilities underground that is really rare in Ecuador. They are building a brand new boardwalk that will go around Bahia. In this folder, I added a PDF of the planned drawings the city provided.


Some of Bahia projects:


  • New water pipes and tanks - Done

  • New sewer pipe - pipe is finished, just not hooked up yet

  • New pipe for all utilities - the pipe is finished just need to put the cables and all the utilities will be underground, which is not common in Ecuador. 

  • The brand new road coming from kilo 8 going all the way to Bahia - Done

  • The new park at the entrance of Bahia is almost finished - Done 

  • IESS(Government health Insurance) Hospital, this is a brand new hospital. Owning a business is something you can join. Your membership will cost around $70 a month. 

  • New Public hospital, This is supposed to be more state of the art than the new IESS hospital.

  • A block from CoCo Bongo municipal is building a lighted short court soccer field/basketball court with bleachers.

  • Boardwalk going around Bahia.

  • New CNT Building, this is a couple building down from CoCo, this is the government internet company and we have decent speed now, but they are supposed to be using fiber optics and it’s supposed to be having some of the highest speeds in Ecuador.

  • The movie theater - Done

  • There are probably more, these are the ones that I know about.

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